Master European Studies

The Master in European Studies - European Policy Analysis is aimed at BA graduates from the social sciences, economics and/or cultural studies who want to learn more about policy-making in Europe and work in this field one day.

Our focus is on the analysis of policy-making processes in the European Union from a political, sociological-economic or cultural-communicative perspective, combining theoretical and applied content. Depending on their interests and previous experience from the BA, students can deepen their knowledge in one of two content areas: the field of economics (focus on European Social and Economic Policy Analysis) or the field of cultural studies (focus on European Social and Cultural Policy Analysis). With us, the teaching of theoretical and methodological expertise is combined with practice- and group-based approaches in order to prepare students for the diverse challenges of the working world.

Both content areas are held in English. No knowledge of German is required.

Our graduates work in national, European or international administrations, companies, foundations, NGOs and associations.


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