Political Science with a Focus on Sustainable Development

Welcome to the homepage of the Chair of Political Science with a Focus on Sustainable Development at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg!

In 2016, the Chair of Political Science and Sustainable Development was established, which has been held by Prof. Dr. Michael Böcher since then. The chair's activities focus on policy analysis of current and future problems of sustainability governance. Among others, bioeconomy, climate, environmental and forest policy are in the focus of the chair's research activities. Another important research topic of the chair is knowledge transfer in environmental sciences, policy advice and science research. In research, the team of the chair cooperates with numerous partners in Germany, Europe and worldwide. In current projects the chair cooperates with partners in Cameroon, Brazil, Israel and other countries. The medium and long-term goal of the chair's research is to develop a specific political science research approach to sustainable development.


"Sustainable development is a concept that will not materialise on its own.

Political processes and decisions which are the result of social conflicts and negotiation processes are decisive.

We research these processes in political science, because: Sustainability is political!"


The Sustainability Certificate of the OVGU

The OvGU Magdeburg Sustainability Certificate is a transdisciplinary, cross-curricular study programme for all those who are properly enrolled at OvGU. It is implemented by the Chair of Political Science with a Focus on Sustainable Development. It can be acquired by participating in several courses from different disciplines and is then attached to the diploma. It can serve as a profile in the study programme as well as a professional qualification and aims at competence development in the sense of education for sustainable development.


For more information, visit the NAO homepage.


The Green Camp Summer School

Meet your sustainable self – locally and globally

You are facing ‘sustainability’ everywhere but are not sure how it influences you and your fellow humans on earth’s everyday life? Are you curious about how climate change, social justice and political ideas are connected?

Do you want to explore how students from other countries interpret the world? Are you motivated to experience inter-cultural exchange?

The Green Camp Summer School is a virtual classroom that brings together students from different countries:


  • Otto-von-Guericke Universität
  • Université Laval (Canada)
  • University of South-Eastern Norway
  • Vietnam National University of Forestry
  • Shamoon College of Engineering (Israel)
  • College of Management Academic Studies (Israel)

Are you interested in "sustainability" and its influence on daily life? Are you interested in international experiences and intercultural exchange, but you don't know how because of the current pandemic situation?

Join us in this 2-weeks summer school – the Green Camp!

Click here for more information.

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