Green Camp Summer School

Meet your sustainable self – locally and globally

You are facing ‘sustainability’ everywhere but are not sure how it influences you and your fellow humans on earth’s everyday life? Are you curious about how climate change, social justice and political ideas are connected?

Do you want to explore how students from other countries interpret the world? Are you motivated to experience inter-cultural exchange?

Join us in this 2-weeks summer school – the Green Camp!


What is the the Green Camp Summer School?

It is a virtual internationally-oriented classroom for students of all academic levels. ‘Sustainability’ is a trendy term, one which requires a plurality of perspectives and approaches. In the GCSS, you will demystify and explore it with the help of international experts who come from various disciplines, including engineering, business and finance, forestry, political science, and education for sustainable development. It is your opportunity to learn within an inter-cultural and transdisciplinary environment

What is our goal?

We want to mobilize and empower students into becoming competent practitioners of sustainable development, so called “change agents”. To do so, we offer a solution-oriented approach focusing on the competence development at the individual level through global cooperation.

For whom is the GCSS?

Our course is designed to welcome students from various backgrounds and with varying levels of knowledge on sustainable development and the sustainable development goals (SDGs). We offer an enriching alternative to international mobility. By doing so, we wish to take advantage of the fast-developing digital university teaching in Germany and elsewhere. GCSS is the occasion to work with and adopt different professional, transdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives in the face of global challenges, such as energy transition and the climate crisis.  In addition, it is your chance to broaden your network for future cooperation, research and mobility opportunities. Participation in the GCSS is offered free of charge/fees for German and international students. For students of the Otto-von-Guericke Universität, the course is accepted as a foundation module of the sustainability certificate and as an elective course in various study programs. For participants from our partner universities, a certificate of participation from the OvGU will be delivered and the possibility to get credited at your home university will be dependent on your examination office. The GCSS is open for students of all academic levels.

How much work does this mean for me and what credits will I receive?

The GCSS course is designed to accredit 5 ECTS. Including live sessions, group work and self-study time for preparation and follow-up, we expect students to spend around 125 – 135 hours on this course.

When will the GCSS take place?

It will take place from August 1st – 12th 2022. During these two weeks, students will assist daily to 2.5 h of synchronous learning provided by experts in their fields and engage in additional self-learning and group work.

How can I register for the GCSS?

The number of places is limited. Registration will function on the principle of 'first arrived - first served' for each participating university. Registration will open in mid-March 2022. Students from OVGU will be able to get the course information and register via the LSF platform. Students for our partner universities will register via the Edkimo form made available on our website page.


We are looking forward to working and exchanging with you this summer.



The Green Camp Summer School Team


If you have any further questions concerning the GCSS or applications, please reach us via e-mail address: 

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