Jean Monnet Chair

IMUDE - Interactive Multi-level Democracy in Europe

The Jean Monnet Chair on Interactive Multi-level Democracy in Europe - IMUDE - takes a forward-looking approach to the topical issue of democratic participation in the EU system. Confronting fundamental democratic challenges at EU level and in the Member States, the JMC contributes to the theoretical understanding, the work of policy makers and the practical engagement of citizens.

The Jean Monnet Chair at OvGU, IMUDE, promotes three central goals:

  • Innovative teaching approaches and IMUDE-related content promote excellence, interdisciplinarity and internationality in teaching. The Jean Monnet Chair builds on the recent reforms of the BA and MA in European Studies programs and provides concrete formulations to improve the quality and scope of the courses. These efforts are flanked by an additional vocational training module.
  • Research on the conditions of active citizenship in the cross-border democracy of the EU will produce concrete research results on the main theme. The starting point are publications that form the scientific basis for the analysis of the most recent democratization and participation initiatives and offer practical instructions for those interested.
  • The Joint Coordination Point will develop formats for public debates to enable regular interactive dialogue between scientists, policy makers and citizens. The activities of the third mission, which open up the university to a broader public, are of great importance given the increasing anti-democratic and anti-EU electoral behavior.

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